Night 2/7

Night 2/7
Photo by Bakd&Raw by Karolin Baitinger / Unsplash

Last night went better than expected. I was just happy to have flipped my schedule to nights smoothly. This time I extended my bedtime 1-2 hours a night until i was fully nocturnal by night 7. This was the first time I have tried a more gradual approach, and based on the results, I wish I did it it this way sooner. My biggest challenge is at the end of nights. Switching back to days is a much harder task! I will try to use this method again to switch back.

Having my mom in town has been great. She is very excited to spend time with her grandson. Luka seems to love it just as much. He is a very active baby who loves to run around the house and explore the room. He rarely is content with sitting still and is definitely not a lap baby. However, he loves to sit on my moms lap. It could be that she’s really good with babies and has perfected the “mom bounce” that I hear experienced mothers talk about.

She appears to be happy, but I hope she doesn’t get bored being away from home where theres access to more restaurants, stores and other events. I’m probably overthinking it, but I want to make sure she enjoys herself to the fullest while she is here.

I still haven’t finished Christmas shopping but there’s a solution to that; gift cards! At this point, my family should be happy they don’t get a lump of coal 😂 . I am almost done shopping for my wife. We decided to make a wish list of five items, and will receive two of the five on Christmas day. I accepted the terms of our gift exchange idea knowing that I was going to break the rules. My wife is a rockstar and even though she is not materialistic, I want to do more for her to make sure she knows how much I appreciate her.

She is very understanding and adaptable. Overall, she makes my life so much easier and it motivates me to work that much harder to support my family. I’m not going to spoil the surprise in case she reads this before Christmas day (she is the only subscriber to my blog), but she definitely deserves more than two presents 😉

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