Residency and Career

Why you Should Never Sleep on a Good History
During residency, one of my colleagues had the pleasure of taking care of a male in his 40s with refractory tachycardia. An EKG was done which confirmed sinus tachycardia. Comprehensive metabolic panel along with magnesium and phosphorus were within normal limits. Complete blood count was negative …
How I Structure My Workday Using COLDSAND
How I structure my workday using COLDSAND
Questions to Ask During Your Career Search
During my experience on the interview trial, I received so much advice from recruitment specialists, lawyers and mentors. here are some of the questions I asked myself and/or the recruitment team during my job search and interviews.
Giving Bad News Sucks. This helps
As a hospitalist, communication skills are very important to have when conveying information to patients, families and other healthcare providers. In addition, patients and families span across the spectrum of healthcare literacy and exposure, adding to the complexity of this task. Even when equippe…