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7 on, 7 off
Seven days on, seven days off, is the life of a hospitalist. I enjoy my time on service doing my part to diagnose, treat and coordinate the care of my patients. I also love taking time off to decompress and enjoy my family. This past week we took a short
Road Trip
When I was younger, my family would go on road trips to our family reunions. one year, we had a reunion in Houston Texas which was a 24 hour drive. We would bring snacks and video games, and pack everything (and everyone) into minivans to travel caravan style. Usually I
Twas the Nights Before Christmas
It has been awhile since I’ve posted. I fell in a rut creatively and let myself get bogged down by over-analysis paralysis. Days went by and eventually four months. I was lazy and found plenty of excuses not to write or post. During this time, I questioned my abilities
My First Night Back
Here we go again. I’m working one week of nights through Christmas and this is the first of seven. It’s not the best situation, especially considering my sons birthday is this week as well and would love to have been on the same schedule to enjoy the afternoon